16th July 2007:
Re-generated complete site with JAlbum, Added a few new gigs and party photos

20th July 2005:
Added Rock In The Castle Photos

19th July 2005:
Added Roskilde photos generated with JAlbum

2nd May 2005:
Added Cardiff Semi photos.
Added Terrorvision at The Forum.

8th February 2005:
Finally added pictures from The Darkness.
Added some more NUFC pictures from the Arsenal game.

6th July 2004:
Added the first batch of pics from Roskilde 2004

11th May 2004:
Added pics from Toby's 30th

8th January 2004:
Added Sack Trick Kissmas Tour page
Added New Year 2003/04 page
Added more photos to the NUFC page

8th October 2003:
Added Crash Kelly Photos

25th August 2003:
Added Egos/Rat Daddy/Loose Thread
Added Leeds photos to NUFC page

5th July 2003:
Added Speedway GP 2003.
Added FMH-Fest.
Added Roskilde 2003.
Gave the place a tidy up and a new colour scheme.

18th May 2003:
Added Changes One showcase gig pictures.
Added West Brom versus NUFC pictures.

8th February 2003:
Moved webspace to new ISP.

2nd December 2001:
Decided to put some old University type photos on the Miscellaneous page. Also put some pictures of Maidenehad when it flooded last year

18th September 2001:
Added kid pictures and link to new year pics

28th August 2001 :
Fixed links on Roskilde page; Added links page; Added this page; Made front page look slightly less crap

27th August 2001 :
Only a day after it finished I uploaded my pictures from Reading Festival

Sometime earlier:
I first created this site, decided it was crap 'cos I had nothing to put on it then realised I could put photos up.


All pictures on this site are mine. If for some strange reason you want to nick any of them then feel free just mention your sources and let me know here

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